Custom Synthesis

The Research Support Program

Our Research Support Program allows in-house medicinal chemists to focus on core competences creating high values and profit for their company.

The highly complex process of drug discovery and development is a typical example of how outsourcing to reliable partners can speed up a project:

- Molecular modeling gives you an idea of a new class of target compounds. You need not start to develop the syntheses of the new chemical entity on your own. You can save that time for more important aspects of your work. We will do this task for you.

- High throughput screening shows you hits and possible lead structures. Again, we will provide you with the corresponding core substances.

- For toxicological research concerning absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion you may need labelled or non-labelled reference compounds. Again, you can leave the syntheses to us.

- Finally, clinical studies can show you the performance of your new APIs. Sometimes, even then we could help you, for instance with the supply of precursors for positron emission tomography (PET).