PTFE Coating

PTFE, also known as DuPont’s brand name “TEFLON”, is widely used as an important polymer coating for different materials. The coating of steel for instance plays an important role in medicinal technology.

The solvents used for these purposes must be environmentally save:

- non-flammable
- no ozone depletion potential (ODP free)
- only a low global warming potential (GWP)

We developed a new method to produce a dispersion of PTFE with the corresponding properties using HFE-7100 as a solvent basis. This product is widely used to coat medicinal syringes and catheters.

We are currently evaluating other applications of our patented PTFE dispersion.
The protection of electronic devices is a new application with great potential.
Another interesting development is the use of the dispersion as a mould release formulation.