The recovery of used solvents and their re-use gives you an important financial advantage, especially, if the solvents have to be extremely pure. This is of interest in medicinal and electronic industries, which often need high value specialty fluids.

Widely used examples are perfluorinated solvents like Perfluorohexane (PF5060) or hydrofluoroethers (HFE-7100). We have many years of experience and the equipment to recover such high-grade solvents.

Because of the high price of these types of solvents, even small quantities justify the development of an appropriate distillation process. It may save you the cost of disposing the waste fluids as well as the replacement  with new materials.

Large and small scale recycling:
HFE-7100, HFE-71IPA and others
HFE-7200, HFE-72IPA and others
FC-77 / FC-770
Novec 1230

HFIP (Hexafluoroisopropanol)

Opteon SF 10

Galden HT 70
Galden HT 110
Galden HT 130
Galden HT 200

Please inquire the recycling of other solvents.